GreenerAge: 55+ Environmental and Climate Literacy Compendium!

At GreenerAge we have been working hard during 2022 for our 55+ Environmental and Climate Literacy Compendium!

We developed a scoping review on existing tools, platforms, and best practices on environmental literacy and behaviour change in each partner country at national and EU level, gathering key insights for the development of the GreenerAge platform.


  • Citizens 55+ are very concerned about our planet and motivated to act more environmentally friendly and change their behaviours.
  • However, having the knowledge does not mean that citizens have environmentally friendly behaviours.
  • There is currently a lack of helpful practices and tools to support and show them how to do it!

These first results underpin the need of GreenerAge and the important societal contribution it will have when fully available (end of 2023).

The GreenerAge project aims to create a low-threshold and playful access to an environmental and digital literacy platform for citizens 55+, promoting a self-reflecting, positive and empowering tool for environmental and climatic issues.