GreenerAge presented at the International Conference Learning and Implementing Social Innovation

The Erasmus+ project GreenerAge | Climate Change and Environmental Literacy for Urban Citizens 55+ was presented on February 8th in Coimbra, at the International Conference Learning and Implementing Social Innovation – talking about Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments.

This Conference was co-organised by SHINE 2Europe, AFEdemy, NET4Age-Friendly and Coimbra’s Nursing School and had the privilege to count with the participation of the project Coordinator, Tampere University (Finland) in one of the sessions.

At the plenary session about “People at the centre of the interventions”, Raúl Castaño-Rosa presented the project, including the tools to be developed – the environment and climate literacy compendium, the digital learning platform, the toolkit for trainers and a set of recommendations for policy makers – that will allow to positively inform, engage and empower adults 55+ to take action on climate change and reduce environmental impact in their daily lives as part of the green transition.

GreenerAge is a project involving five organisations from 5 European countries: Portugal, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland, committed to the goal to contribute to the transition to a greener world.

Each partner is currently preparing a national report to understand the state of environmental literacy in their country, the environmental education and the behaviours needed to minimise harm to the environment as much as possible, or even more, that may benefit it. As a result, the main gaps and changes to be adopted in the behaviours of adults 55+ will be identified and further addressed by the project tools.

We are all responsible for our planet and people over 55+ can make a strong contribution to the transition to a greener world: they often have time, maturity, life experience and expert knowledge, conditions that will enable them to substantially contribute to a greener future, either individually or as volunteers!