Workshop Held with Portuguese Older Citizens to Test GreenerAge Materials 

On September 6th 2023, a workshop was held in Porto, Portugal and organized by SHINE. It brought together seven participants aged over 55 years. The primary objective of this workshop was to capture their valuable insights and perspectives on key outcomes of the GreenerAge project: the compendium, the platform and the trainer manual. 

The platform and compendium cover a range of essential themes, including climate change, sustainable food consumption, responsible water usage, sustainable energy practices, eco-friendly transportation, and more. 

During this workshop, the focus was on sustainable food consumption. Participants engaged in a lively discussion, sharing their individual perspectives on what constitutes sustainable food consumption, the environmental impacts associated with food choices, and practical tips for adopting more sustainable eating habits. Notably, concepts like seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables were highlighted, along with discussions about the environmental consequences of practices like super-intensive agriculture and planting non-native foods. 

As for practical tips, the group touched upon the idea of gardening, which some found to be quite challenging. Subsequently, participants explored the compendium and the platform, both of which received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Many participants appreciated the simple and actionable tips provided by these resources, which prompted them to consider new ways of living more sustainably. Regarding the platform, participants liked the inclusion of information explaining the environmental impacts associated with unsustainable food production and consumption, including the use of informative infographics. Some suggestions were made for the platform, such as adding more images. The overall feedback from the workshop, which was structured according to guidelines from the trainer manual, was highly positive. Participants expressed their appreciation for the engaging and interactive approach to knowledge sharing. 

It’s noteworthy that the snacks served during the workshop consisted of locally sourced, national products purchased from local markets. To conclude the event, participants received a handy guide featuring a list of local markets where organic food is available for purchase. 

This workshop served as an essential step in the GreenerAge project, providing valuable insights from older citizens so that the compendium and platform can be improved before they are released.