Workshop Held with Polish Older Citizens

Fundacja Laboratorium Architektury 60+ (LAB 60+), the Polish partners of GreenerAge, brought together 13 participants in two different cities. The aim was to assess both the compendium, the learning platform, and the workshop methods used.

In Oświęcim, six participants gathered to explore and discuss various topics, while seven participants in Tychy engaged in enriching discussions on the same day. All participants showcased high levels of engagement and a strong desire to expand their knowledge. They actively participated in discussions, reflecting their commitment to the workshop activities and their enthusiasm for learning and sharing insights.

One of the workshop’s highlights was the participants’ willingness to provide valuable feedback on the platform. They embraced the platform with enthusiasm, appreciating its user-friendly layout and the content it offered. While the participants had a few suggestions for enhancing usability, they particularly enjoyed the quiz feature, which allowed them to put their knowledge to the test.

Participants actively engaged in discussions and willingly shared their feedback, which highlighted the importance of collaborative learning experiences in fostering knowledge and innovation.