Workshop in Germany to Evaluate GreenerAge Materials

On 14 and 20 September, the German partners of GreenerAge, ISIS Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur , organised in-person workshops with seven participants who gathered to provide feedback on the compendium, and the platform. They all possess a strong familiarity with environmental topics, highlighting their commitment to sustainable living.

In terms of the compendium, all participants had a positive initial impression. It is well-structured, offering a good introduction and overview. Particularly for those who have not yet explored the topic, it serves as a valuable starting point. Its readability and concise presentation were also appreciated. Additionally, the motivational approach without blaming and shaming particular age-groups was well-received.

Regarding the learning platform, the group did note that some quiz questions appeared to be too easy. This is important feedback and GreenerAge partners will take seriously. The participants expressed the need for more time to individually explore the learning platform. They agreed to revisit the platform in the comfort of their homes, recognizing the value it could provide.

When asked whether these outcomes could help them adopt greener behaviours, participants noted that their current lifestyles already align with eco-friendly practices. Nevertheless, they appreciated the smart meter for energy use as a “thank you” for sharing their time and expertise.