Workshop with 55+ Citizens in Finland

The Finnish partners from the GreenerAge project, representing Tampere University (TAU), conducted a series of workshops on September 13th and 21st at the Tampere Adult Education Centre. These engaging workshops garnered significant participation, with 14 and 10 attendees on 3th and 21st respectively.

TAU also played a prominent role on behalf of the GreenerAge project at the ‘Kaarikarkelot 2023’ event, where they facilitated dissemination and collected feedback regarding the Compendium and Learning Platform. An eight-participant questionnaire was completed, and feedback was actively sought from the Local Steering Group.

Participants expressed positive first impressions of the Compendium. Most attendees found the Compendium promising in its potential to positively influence their behaviour. The proposed activities within the Compendium were highly regarded for their usefulness, and participants reported learning new things. Nevertheless, some participants suggested reducing certain text and improving specific content sections. The tips provided within the Compendium were singled out as a particularly valuable feature.

The platform’s design received positive reviews, with participants generally endorsing the choice of colours and the utility of images. All participants commended the platform’s usability, although they suggested improvements in specific areas, such as button size, to enhance user-friendliness. The ‘Quizzes’ feature and the gamification approach were particularly well-received. Participants praised the structure and clarity of content at the theme level.