Local Multiplier Dissemination Event – Tampere, Finland

The Finnish partners from the GreenerAge project, representing Tampere University (TAU), organised a Multiplier Event in Tampere, Finland, on 02.11.2023.

The event was aimed at involving municipalities and public organisations in the area (Tampereen Seudun Työväenopisto and Vapaa Sivistystyö ry), as well as hands-on staff and volunteers from associations and administrations dealing with issues of environment and climate-change, ageing and healthy cities.

The ME was dedicated to the presentation of the GreenerAge project and its results. Videos of testimonials from other countries were also presented. 

In particular, the goals of the ME were:

  • To raise awareness and increase understanding on greener daily behaviours;
  • To build a hands-on practical case for the use of the GreenerAge educational material in the local context;
  • To develop synergies with local organisations, to build future initiatives and to disseminate the use of the GreenerAge interactive learning platform

All participants appreciated the importance of the ME, as it was a relevant opportunity for sharing knowledge and good practices, and they expressed great interest in the project, its outcomes and the platform.