Multiplier Event in Leiden, The Netherlands

On 20 November, AFEDEMY, the Academy for Age-Friendly Environments, organised a GreenerAge multiplier event.

The event took place in Leiden.

During the event, the GreenerAge project was presented along with its main outputs, consisting of a compendium, a trainer manual, an online platform and a policy booklet.

The event was also an opportunity to present other great initiatives such as the Meertalig Energy Helpdesk (presented by Rayan Younis and Aaron Pereira) and Energiefixers071 (presented by Bart Groeneweg) to a diverse audience of professionals and engaged citizens passionate about sustainability.

After the presentations, participants were involved in a fruitful discussion using the worldcafe method to further explore strategies for reaching and engaging different audiences in the fight against climate change.

It was inspiring to see such a lively exchange of ideas, which reinforced the understanding that collaboration is the key to effective change.