GreenerAge’s Trainer Manual for Workshop Guidance

Our Trainer Manual is another product of the GreenerAge project. It aims to support facilitators, serving as a recommended guide for the preparation of workshops! Although the workshop itself focuses on citizens aged 55 years or more, this Trainer Manual emphasizes the whole process of preparing a workshop, emphasizing your role as a facilitator! So, what do we suggest? Let’s get started!

Focused on adult education, the GreenerAge project uses a multi-step methodological approach during the workshop, while creating inclusive environments. As a result, four main approaches were identified: personal approach, analysis, dealing with conflicts, and positive outcome.

What is this workshop’s main purpose? As a facilitator, you should aim to teach older people climate change literacy while developing their skills and providing them with suitable tools. This way, sustainable habits and communities can be enhanced. In our curriculum, we suggest different approaches, equipment, and practical recommendations for each icebreaker and other exercises and different planned sessions. These follow the suggested learning units regarding climate change literacy and the five identified key areas of sustainability such as sustainable transportation and mobility, sustainable water consumption, recycling knowledge and behavior, sustainable energy consumption, and sustainable food consumption. The GreenerAge Land platform is also encouraged as a learning tool, especially emphasizing learners with lower levels of education.

We know how hard it can be to change our habits… considering this, we propose a personal action plan, where the participants can reflect on which behaviours they can, and should change, towards a more sustainable and climate-protected environment. Drawing up a community action plan is also recommended as a next step.

In our toolkit, we provide multiple materials, namely case studies, PowerPoint presentations and print handouts. Case studies were made available so that facilitators could instigate discussions about personal and community action plans. As a facilitator you should provide all the workshop participants with the chosen materials; however, these may need to be adapted to their specific interests and needs.

By enrolling in the present workshop, these citizens manifest some level of interest and sustainability knowledge, however, their motivations may vary. The GreenerAge workshop aspires to offer an opportunity where participants from every generation can exchange their opinions and knowledge, no matter their background.

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