Meet GreenerAge’s interactive platform: GreenerAge Land!

It is with utmost pleasure we announce that our platform GreenerAge Land has officially been launched! Our project aimed to create an accessible digital literacy platform for citizens aged 55 and above. This gamification interactive learning platform’s objective is to empower older citizens with digital skills and competencies, and to enhance their climate change literacy, adoption of sustainable behaviours, and active citizenship. This tool can be of use to adult trainers, policymakers, and organizations.

GreenerAge Land is an interactive platform that provides information about multiple themes related to environmental change. Climate change literacy is essential in empowering citizens to understand its background, its consequences, and which practical solutions can be implemented. It not only helps in assessing what can be done to prevent and/or decelerate climate change but it also promotes critical thinking skills!

This platform also provides knowledge about how to increase recycling knowledge behaviours, sustainable food consumption, sustainable water consumption, sustainable mobility choices, sustainable energy consumption, and sustainable living at home. GreenerAge Land offers an informative and interactive course for each one of these topics. You can start learning about each category through text, videos, and pictures. We also provide additional information about each topic in case the readers desire to learn even further!

After learning the selected information, users can also test their knowledge with a quiz, and choose the difficulty level that suits them best, in addition to practices on an individual or community level. GreenerAge Land also recommends some inspirational sustainable stories and practices related to each topic, as well as supporting digital tools to enhance and support digital skills!

To start learning, the reader can either create their own account or enter as a guest. Creating an account grants you access to your personal dashboard where you can check your training areas and badges accomplished!

Please visit our platform to learn more!