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BioSenior (Portugal)
The BioSénior project is an innovative environmental education programme from the municipality of Lousada (Portugal). The target group are citizens over the age of 55. Participants of this project take part in recreational-

pedagogic activities and practical actions for the requalification and/or ecological improvement of natural areas in the territory or outside it.

A few examples are:
  • The participation on the biodiverse reforestation of the municipality.
  • The participation on a training to become guardians of the local rivers. In this training, they learn about the biodiversity of the local river, the elements to protect and also the good practices of cleaning and conservation of water lines.
This project focuses on using empirical knowledge of this older citizens with scientific and critical knowledge and by (re)connecting this people with its natural, cultural and historical heritage adjusted to the present day.

Hinku is a network from Finland that brings together municipalities, businesses, citizens and experts to create and carry out solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The network is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute (SKYKE) and aims to create solutions that have economic and social benefits as well as environmental advantages. Since 2012, SKYKE has been acknowledging best practices on exemplary reductions in emissions with an award.

See the following examples:

  • In 2019, it was installed in Finland the first indoor ice rink that integrated a cooling system with smart technology. This system uses up to 30 to 40% less electricity than traditional technologies.
  • During a summer festival, 90%  the electricity consumed  was green electricity. Recycled materials are the core choice to the decor, and the carbon footprint of any products sold is kept to a minimum. Also, there is a strong encouragement to people come to the event by public transport or using carpool.